A comprehensive history of the WW II U.S. Army Engineer Special Brigades and their component units. From formation and training in England to D-Day itself as told by surviving veterans. Some elements landed on Omaha and Utah beaches in the first waves, then spent six months bringing supplies, men and vehicles over the open beaches. A story never before told, using archive material, personal documents, photographs and statistical data.
History of the U.S. Army WWII Assault Training Centre in North Devon, England. From formation of the Centre and creation of the American amphibious assault doctrine for Normandy. The book includes training details of the combat troops who would spearhead the D-Day landings on the beaches of Normandy. The ATC is an area overshadowed by the very event it made possible - D-Day 6th June 1944. A story never before told, researched from archive documents, maps and recollections of those who served and trained there.
Unit history of the 146th Engineer Combat Battalion. From formation in the United States, to England and the Assault Training Center. Through the hell of D-Day landing ahead of the infantry on Omaha beach. Bridge building and fighting their way across Europe into Berlin. Told from veterans recollections, documents and photographs.
Was a World War II D Day rehearsal for U.S. forces destined for “Utah” beach when German E-Boats attacked an unarmed convoy of troopships off the southwest coast of England in April 1944. There were many casualties but the author’s research shows the true death toll to be far in excess of the official figure and proves persistent accusations of a cover-up to be true involving mass burials in secret graves, lost ships and soldiers who have vanished from the records.
It must be stressed that this book is not a re-hash of existing erroneous facts, rumors, supposition and hearsay but corroborated, exciting new evidence exposing an international conspiracy. 

DVD telling the history of the Assault Training Center using local people's recollections of the wartime American presence and taking young, local people on a historical journey to the beaches of Normandy, this DVD brings the Assault Training Centre story to life. Contains unique archive footage of training and the D-Day landings.