The Assault Training Centre was divided into letter-coded areas from "A" through "M" from south to north.

                         Included Crow Point and the Broadsands shoreline.
                         Here all embarkations for troops, vehicles and tanks took place with troops gathering in the assembly area before boarding LCVPs and a sea voyage to land on beaches at Saunton, Croyde or Woolacombe.

                         Occupies the south western part of Braunton
                         Burrows, and contains some of the earliest constructions for assault training.

                     Spans the whole central part of Braunton Burrows
                     which in 1943 was a flat, open sandscape compelling training ranges to be concentrated in the coastal strip of high dunes with all live firing to seaward.

                       At the northern part of Braunton Burrows contained
                       the greatest concentration and diversity of assault ranges and training constructions.

                       Croyde was used for a variety of purposes. The beach
                       was used for elementary small practice landings and DUKW exercises in ferrying ashore men, artillery, and equipment.

Area "F" Baggy Point was a late addition to the Assault Training Centre’s training areas when a need for Company sized rehearsals was identified. 

Area "G" Putsborough was the southernmost of the Woolacombe beaches. Little used except for small-scale landings or specialised cliff-climbing exercises.

Area "H" Woolacombe Sands was divided into four beaches which were the destinations for full-scale amphibious assault landings once the troops had learned, practised and mastered their new tactics.

Area "L" Woolacombe town  where the Assault Training Centre’s headquarters was based an beach that was used as a buffer zone for craft that were swept off their designated landing spots.

Area "M" Morte Point formed the most northern practical boundary of the Assault Training Centre and the promontory was used as a target for sea borne artillery cruising off Woolacombe Sands.